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About the Ensemble

The Keystone Wind Ensemble is a concert band comprised of approximately 50 woodwind, brass and percussion players, under the direction of Jack Stamp. The Keystone Wind Ensemble is sponsored by
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and all members have a direct affiliation with the university as alumni, students, faculty or administrators. The ensemble, created in 1992, was formed for the express purpose of recording new and more traditional works from the concert band repertoire for national release on compact disc. Reviews of these recordings have been uniformly enthusiastic.

Over the Past 18 years, the Keystone Wind Ensemble has recorded 21 compact discs for professional and educational purposes. They have performed at the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles conference, held at The University of Cincinnati in the summer of 2009. In the spring of 2009, they performed at the International Trumpet Guild conference, held at Messiah College. They have also performed twice at the College Band Directors National Association conference, held at The University of North Texas in 2001, and at The Pennsylvania State University in 1998.

Through their annual CD releases, which are all recorded on the I.U.P. campus, the ensemble has attracted a national following. What makes this group distinctive, apart from the high performance level, is that this ensemble is truly one of a kind. No other university in the United States can boast of an ensemble such as this - and especially one that reaches the highest professional standards.

CD Reviews

Fanfare Magazine: "The sound is excellent...this recording has the virtue of sounding like an excellent concert recording without the disadvantages of a real concert. The group plays with precise intonation and ensemble, able to tackle tricky rhythms and keep dense textures clear. The recording is, in terms of production/performance values, probably a must for every U.S. band director." David Diamond, Composer: "Recorded music, I once thought, could never achieve the wonder of live sound. But in these superb performances of my works, the richness, width and depth of sound remove all the limitations I felt existed in the past. I am more than pleased. I have finally heard these pieces as I heard them in my mind's ears. I congratulate the engineer profusely."
American Record Guide: "Excellent...The performance could not be bettered...the recorded sound is demonstrated quality. This is a terrific release that deserves a wide audience."

Audio Magazine: "...the ensemble plays with great assurance. The recorded sound is revealing and awesome."
ElusiveDisc.com: "Citadel recordings were recorded with minimal mikes and special equipment by noted engineer Bruce Leek and are performed by The Keystone Wind Ensemble, conducted by Jack Stamp. Audiophiles who cherish the late '50s and early '60s Mercury Living Presence LPs of The Eastman Wind Ensemble conducted by Frederic Fennell will know (or want to know) about this similar block-buster series - all digitally recorded in 20 or 24 bit!"

Members of the Ensemble

Dr. Jack Stamp, the founder and conductor of the Keystone Wind Ensemble, is Professor of Music and Conductor of Bands at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he conducts the Wind Ensemble, Symphony Band, and teaches courses in undergraduate and graduate conducting. Dr. Stamp received his Bachelor of Science in Music Education degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, a Master's in Percussion Performance from East Carolina University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts Degree in Conducting from Michigan State University where he studied with Eugene Migliaro Corporon. RECORDING PRODUCER
Bradley Genevro - Harrisburg, PA

Bruce Leek - San Diego, CA

Erin Holsinger - McKeesport, PAKevin Eisensmith - Indiana, PA
William Stowman - Harrisburg, PA
FLUTEDavid Ferguson - Indiana, PA
Terese Wacker - Indiana, PAJosh Hillard - Altoona, PA
Erin Holsinger - McKeesport, PADave Wygonick - Indiana, PA
Keith Hanlon - Morgantown, WVGeorge Wozniak - Virginia Beach, VA
Angela Sollenberger - Indiana, PA
Ashley Shank - Marion Center, PAFRENCH HORN
Jack Scandrett - Indiana, PA
OBOEJason Allison - Pittsburgh, PA
Stephanie Caulder - Indiana, PADennis Emert - Pittsburgh, PA
Kate Olsen - Indiana, PAHugh Whaley - Maysville, NC
Kirstin Gordon - Lancaster, PAKevin McElheny - Waynesboro, PA
Katye Clogg - Indiana, PA
Jason Worzbyt - Sarver, PATROMBONE
Lynn Moncilovich - Denton, TXChristian Dickinson - Indiana, PA
David Borst - Indiana, PAJonathan Burnett - Beaver, PA
Dennis Cramer - Kittaning, PA
E-FLAT CLARINETRob Keith - Indiana, PA
David Martynuik - Indiana, PA
CLARINETGeoff Durbin - Denton, TX
Cheryl Cifelli - Joplin, MOChristian Zembower - Johnson City, TN
David Martynuik - Indiana, PAGail Glass - Chester Springs, PA
Douglas Bish - Indiana, PA
Jolanda Estes - Columbus, OHTUBA
John Kuehn - Lucerne Mines, PAZach Collins - Indiana, PA
Timberly Kazmarek - Green Bay, WIGary Bird - Spring Valley, WI
Donell Kingan - Indiana, PAJustin Beish - Fort Worth, TX
Nora Knott - Harrisburg, PAChristopher Bird - Cedar Rapids, IA
Wayne Ligas - Indiana, PA Irvin Kauffman - Pittsburgh, PA
Andrew Gross - Lititz, PA
ALTO SAXOPHONE Michael Kingan - Indiana, PA
Keith Young - Indiana, PARon Horner - Somerset, PA
Mike Menzietti - Pittsburgh, PA Steve Barton - Midlothian, VA
Mike Vatavuk - Hooversville, PA
TENOR SAXOPHONEGreg Alico - Lewisburg, PA
Jeff Steiner - Charleston, IL Brandon Kelly - Denton, TX
Mark Surovchak - Belle Vernon, PA
BARITONE SAXOPHONE Brian Tychinski - Greensburg, PA
W. Roy Mitchell - Corry, PA Christopher Wengert - Indiana, PA
Jennifer Shuty - Johnstown, PA Rob Reams - Lower Burrell, PA
Jeff Senley - Phoenixville, PA

Compact Disc Recordings
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Grace and Glory - The Music of Jack Stamp

Recorded in 2011
Tempo Di Bourgeois - Arrangements and Transcriptions conducted by Colonel John Bourgeois

Recorded in 2010
Performance at the World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles Conference

Live Recording from 2009
The Composer's Voice: Wind Music of Robert Washburn including interview

Recorded in 1995 and 2008
The Essential Jack Stamp and the Keystone Wind Ensemble

Compilation disc recorded between 1993 and 2008
Leroy Anderson: The Phantom Regiment and Other Tales

Recorded in 2008
The Composer's Voice: Band Music of Ron Nelson including interview

Recorded in 2007
The Composer's Voice: Band Music of Alfred Reed including interview

Recorded in 2006
The Composer's Voice: Band Music of William Schuman including interview

Recorded in 2005
The Composer's Voice: Band Music of H. Owen Reed including interview

Recorded in 2004
The Composer's Voice: Band Music of Norman Dello Joio including interview

Recorded in 2003
Teaching Music Through Performance in Band - Vol. 1, Grade 4

Recorded in 2002
Out of the Depths: Music by African American Composers

Recorded in 2002
Cloudsplitter: Music Composed & Conducted by Jack Stamp

Recorded in 1999
Cornerstones of the British Band Repertoire

Recorded in 1999
Pageant: American Music for Symphonic Bands

Recorded in 1997
Dello Joio: Songs of Abelard and Other World Premieres

Recorded in 1997
Wind Visions: The Music of Samuel Adler

Recorded in 1996
Divertimento: Wind Music of American Composers

Recorded in 1995

Recorded in 1995
Night Fantasy: The Music of Robert Ward

Recorded in 1994
Past The Equinox: The Music of Jack Stamp

Recorded in 1993

Recording Equipment Used by Mr. Bruce Leek:

Microphones: Sennheiser MKH20, Sennheiser MKH40, Audio Technica AT4049, Beyer M160
Microphone Pre-Amps: Millenia Media HV-3, FM Acoustics Class-Amps, Grace Design 801
Recording Console: Ramsa WRS4424 (modified by John Windt)
Power Amplifier: Threshold
Cables: MIT-CVT 2C/3D, MIT Z-Center Power Conditioning
Speakers: ATC SCM 20SL Monitors
Recorders: Tascam DA38
DAT Decks: Panasonic SV3800
Processor: Prism Sound AD124, Prism Sound MR2024T interface, Prism Sound DA-1
Reference Headphones: Sony MDR V6

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